Monday, March 12, 2012

How to lick the toughest cold/sinus infection

Last week my family got hit hard with something. First my daughter, then my wife, then my son, and then my other daughter. For each person it was a little different, but there were many similarities. What our family got over in less than a week I am sure would have really rocked another family for a month. We try to diffuse the "protective blend" daily in our home, when one person gets sick we get even more serious about it. As soon as my first daughter started coming down with the cold we all started to apply oils. the first day it would wipe a person out almost completely. Achey pains and fevers. Then the next day comes congestion and coughing. It was a hard week trying to take care of the family as they were all sick and I was not. I lasted around 5-6 days until I finally felt it coming on. I started taking capsules of "protective blend", oregano, lemon, and clove in addition to my already daily oils I have been taking (Lemongrass and frankincense). I took the capsule of oregano and "protective blend" three times a day if not four. My symptoms were very light compared to the rest of my family. (they also used the oils but not as frequent as I did swallowing capsules). I started to get achey and the chills one night, but I also worked all that day and had church meetings until the night. I took a bath with soothing blend, lavender, and "Respiratory Blend" then went to bed. The next day I had another full day. but I kept at it with my capsules and made it through. I moved a washing machine with my brother in law and even stayed up till 11:30pm helping build a set for a play. Day 3 was another busy day without much time for resting. My wife and I were just amazed at the power the essential oils had in helping me get past what they had much easier. It was a good thing since I did not have time for resting last weekend. It was amazing that all of us had a very severe type of sinus infection and we all made it through it without a trip to the doctor and without any antibiotics. Thank goodness we have "protective blend", "Respiratory Blend", Oregano, Thyme, Clove, "Digestive Blend", "soothing blend", and Peppermint essential oils. We used all of these oils numerous times in the last week and probably used less than $100 in essential oils. If we all went to the doctor for prescriptions our bills would have been over $600 and we would all still be taking antibiotics and waiting for them to kick in.
Tips for others if you feel a cold or sinus infection coming:
  1. If you can swallow capsules put 4 drops of "protective blend", oregano, and clove in one capsule and 4 drops of frankincense, and lemon in another. Take this 3-4 times a day as needed. If you cannot swallow capsules massage these oils into your feet 5 times or more a day.
  2. If you have a diffuser, diffuse as much "Respiratory Blend" and "protective blend" as you can. 
  3. Put "Respiratory Blend" on chest and make an inhaler with your hands and breathe in deeply when you are having a hard time breathing.
  4. Put digestive blend on your stomach to help digest phlem.
  5. Apply "Respiratory Blend" on your forehead and around nose if you can power through the strength of the peppermint and eucalyptus. If not use frankincense.  These are the areas of your sinus cavities where you maybe experiencing blockage. 
  6. As always, drink lots of water and get as much food and sleep as you can. 
  7. Take Lifelong Vitality always. This also must have played a large role for me. Most people have nutritional deficiencies that leave them vulnerable for disease. If they correct those deficiencies they will avoid most illnesses and if they catch one it will not usually be as severe. 
  8. Wash your hands with "protective blend" hand wash throughout the day. 
Those are my tips and suggestions...hope you dont catch what we had.

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