Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pre-Convention 2012 Dr Hill Healthy Mind Healthy Body and New Prodoucts

Today was the first day of the 2012 Convention. (Engage) It actually doesnt start until tomorrow but today there was a training with Dr. David Hill. There were at least 1000 people there today if not more I think and this training you could only attend if you signed up 6 people between 60 days a few months back. ( I cannot remember the exact dates).

The training from Dr Hill was entitled "Healthy Mind Healthy Body" and it discussed a healthy way to help our emotions. These are the products we got for free for attending! The 4 amazing mood oils (Serenity, Citrus Bliss, Elevation, and Balance) and the new oil blend called InTune.

Dr Hill started off with some great quotes. One was "More than 60% of the population today uses natural medicine as their primary source for healthcare" (Statistical Report Care Symposium Vanderbuilt University 2005) If that was the case in 2005, it is much great a number now in 2012.

He then discussed some subjective philosophies of why we feel the way we do. He shared this quote that I liked from Mark Twain. "I have been through some terrible things in my life and some of them actually happened." He discussed how the mind is the master power and how even though most people blame their circumstance for their emotions it usually comes down to their belief, perception, etc...Please keep in mind this is just what I can read from my notes and can remember and I am making it really brief tonight since convention starts again early tomorrow morning. He mentioned that we need to get rid of negative beliefs, environments, and maybe friends. Negative beliefs like "what others believe and say about me is who I am" or "others think and feel the same as I do".

Dr Hill talked about our Endocrine system and mainly focused on the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary. Aroma is the greatest influencer of mood. "Smell is the potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived" (Helen Keller). Here are some of the pictures from the slides.

 Some essential oils are top notes. This means they give a very quick positive response and they flash quickly or go away quickly.

Other essential oils are middle notes and you may not smell them first but they last longer than top notes.

Base notes the aroma lasts long. They are usually woods or resins.

There was talk about ADD/ADHD. Many feel that most cases are misdiagnosed.

10% of school age children have it, 3-4 times more boys than girls, 60 % of adults will experience symptoms.

 These Primary causes of ADD/ADHD are alarming. Mostly lack of nutrition and something that we can control.

 Stimulants or Antidepressants usually are prescribed and a majority on prescriptions do not have favorable results.  Creatively mis-diagnosed in most cases. He had some really good slides that I did not get a picture of showing a brain that has abnormal dopamine levels and normal dopamine levels. Then he told us it was the same brain just before and after using Rosemary essential oil.  Rosemary increased the dopamine.

 Kinda a funny slide but scary how many are taking this.
 InTune is the new doTERRA Blend that can help increase focus, clarity of though, and increased alertness.
 The ingredients are Frakincense, Lime, Hawaiian Sandalwood (new product also), Ylang Ylang, Amyris, Roman Chamomile, and Patchouli.
doTERRA Lime Oil has some very good characteristics that are broad.
 The Hawaiian Sandelwood has a record level of Santalol. doTERRA has only the best and this is a new best for doTERRA.
 This was interesting. Most postpardom depression comes from lack of DHA (omega 3). Not enough pregnant women are taking a good omega 3 supplement. Look at the diagram that shows the drop in their levels the further along they are in their pregnancy.

Depression is not usually misdiagnosed. More common with females than males.

 Everyone needs to diffuse citrus oils consistently in their homes and workplaces. Especially those that struggle with depression. Basil has been shown to help with depression. (control neurotransmitters?)
Dr Hill finished talking about stress. It was a long training and a ton of info and this is all I got for now. 

VIP NEW PRODUCT SHOWCASE was also tonight for Silvers and above and this is what I got to see and try. 

doTERRA has chewable vitamins for the kids and any that cannot take the Lifelong Vitaltiy! They taste awesome. I ate a few and took some home for the family to try. 

Check this out! doTERRA has come out with omega 3 oil for the kids and any that cannot swallow XOmega. This tasted great and I cannot wait to get this for my kids to take everyday with their chewable.

This is the new product that has all the best oils in it that we should be taking daily. Like Frankincense, Clove, Lemongrass, etc... I cannot wait to get this and take it everyday. This will save me from having to make my own capsules with these products. 

This is the essential oil version if you want to put it in your water I guess???

This is the new doTERRA supplement to take for more energy. It can be taken by itself or as a supplement to the Lifelong Vitality. 

This is the study at Vanderbilt showing that around 85% strongly agree that diffusing oils contributed to a more positive work environment.

 Ongaurd kills MRSA.

 And it kills Pseudomonas Aeruginosa....what is that? But glad Onguard kills it.

It was a great night. I was able to see Daren Gates win the 2nd place prize from the Diamond Club. I got a doTERRA purse for my wife. And the company even gave us deep blue roll ons if we visited all the places in the showroom and had them sign off on a piece of paper. What a great day!

Excited to hear more about the company and its future tomorrow and learn about these new products. Here is the Agenda for the rest of the convention.

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